Singapore - The City in a Garden'

15 images Created 7 May 2019

After numerous adventures in South-East Asia, too often passing through this cultural melting pot, it was time to actually set foot outside the world famous and award winning airport and get a taste of what has recently become one of South East Asia's hit-list destinations. Somewhat inevitably, 72 hours provided a challenge to even scratch the surface however efficient and sparkly the cities MRT system is. But this redefined 'Green City', a far cry from the concrete jungle that once dominated Singapore's skyline, is vigorously working towards its fantasy to be a 'City in a Garden'. First impressions would have to commend its efforts as it often appears to be a dreamlike tropical living ecosystem rather than a dull business hub of this heavily populated corner of the globe. The nations recent investments towards sustainability are inspirational wherever you're coming from and the true lungs of Singapore, the Unesco World Heritage-listed Singapore Botanical Gardens, are just the beginnings...
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